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    Timing in Paper 2 cormac365

    I hope that somebody could help me out on the issue of timing, especially in Paper 2. We have been working on Paper 2's unseen content for a while in class and I cannot get my 2 questions done within 25 minutes! Always 27-30 minutes, even when I am really trying to shorten answers. I often have a first answer that takes me 15-17 minutes and I only have 8-10 for the second. Definitely need some help on this one...

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      get a watch kid

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      Oh yeah, i should have known not to count 27 minutes in my head!

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      Eamon T

      Im selling a nice quality watch cheap

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      the best thing you can do is practice- look at your answers and see if you have any unnecessarily long sentences that aren't winning you marks, try to cut out any repetition you may have. if its 27 minutes it doesn't really matter because you may gain time in the seen sections

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      ^^^ The Junior cert course is pretty fucked in terms of timing and it's really unfair.. That up there is the only solution, you should also try find a decent pen

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