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    Tips or Advise for Personal Writing Section studybuddy15

    Usually, it takes me a while to think of a story when I see the title options in the personal writing section. I'm worried that I will spend to long thinking of a story idea on the day or even worse if I go blank for an idea. Does anyone have any tips or advice. Thank You

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      Don't do the short story. Do a discursive essay or a debate.

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      It's down to luck on the day really, impossible to prepare for it. It's a good idea to study debates as a back up as they're almost always on topics like childhood obesity, social media, bullying etc

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      O.K Thanks

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      My teacher said that something on obesity is bound to come up { child obesity, unhealthy lifestyles, etc.} as that was what was in the papers/news around the time the exams were made! Focus on the debate/speech to tackle this.

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      Equality might ?

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      Make up a story and learn off a story, that's what everybody is doing in my class and my teacher is well experienced with the Junior Cert and it's the most reliable method.

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      Thanks everyone

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      @ TheD57: When you say make up a story and learn off a story, do you mean to write a story before hand that you can twist into most titles on the day of the exam?

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      @studybuddy15 That's what I did👍I've written the same story for the past 2 years for Christmas tests etc and it always seems to fit

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      new styles

      My teacher told me that the good narratives the As & Bs, the good short story can only get a C or a D. Speeches were also recommended but like narratives, only if they're done justice. If you're presenting a haphazard short story, the outlook could be very poor indeed. If I were you I think I'd plump for something slightly more alternative where you can think as you go such as a series of diary entries, a recovered note or a scene

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      I've ways gotten 65+ out of 70 on my short story and that's an A? For short stories keep them with a simple plot but be very descriptive, using lots of sights and sounds

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      new styles

      @1234567 that's immensely impressive but I'd just be wary that short stories are difficult to be original with, need more planning and when weighed up against the rest of the country- mightn't stand out.

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      @newstyles thanks and that's true I suppose but they can't judge against anyone else when correcting your paper that wouldn't be fair?

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      @ 1234567 Is it ok for me to ask what story you used that seems to always fit into most titles thanks

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      @studybuddy15 ya Nb it's always a story on bullying that takes place in a school where the main character gets into a fight.... and fits into past titles like "standing my ground" "I should have listened" "a moment of sheer madness" "a story that features an unlikely hero" etc

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      new styles

      The curve means you have to be corrected against other people! If the whole country does a 85% paper, some will still get Ds! English always has too many As, the composition is exactly the area where they could dock a few marks once weighed up against other papers! Be careful.

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      Thank You

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