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    Ahhhhh junior cert Katie2008

    I don't know a lot about French and I have realised the verbs are soooooo! Difficult and I am scared I will fail my junior cert what should I do as I cannot focus in class

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      Try learning French online. Download an app called Duolingo or get it on your computer. Some teachers make it very difficult to understand

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      Thanks I know my teacher and a lot of teachers are hard to understand what is your teacher like

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      Listen to French radio and designate about 15-20 mins a day to listen to French like I listen to French youtubers that will help

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      Thanks for suggesting Duolingo it even has irish on it

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      Jennifer Magee , That's pure ignorance , It's not cool to say that and calling someone ''a sap'' just show's your lack of grammar. Katie2008 is worried about her Junior Cert , some people tend to take in information by studying and some take in information in class while the teacher is teaching the lesson. Just because you didn't study, it doesn't give you the right to say '' get over yourself'' and who cares if your a ''lad'' or not. For many people the Junior Certificate is really important , it shows how good they've studied etc. And for others the Junior Cert doesn't really mean a thing to them. Please next time you decide to comment on a topic make sure you've thought things through because no one is the same! -.-

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      thanks tinash, that has meant alot and you are right "NO ONE IS THE SAME!'

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      No problem Katie , also for your French put them in catagories as in most of them end with the same stem so all you have to do is learn the stem off the verb and the meaning of it. That was you learn around 100 more other verbs. So look at your first year book its way useful then the new one. For example the regular verbs which have their infinitive ending in -IR such as FinIR you take out the IR and add these stems -is , -is , -it , -issons , -issez , -issent.

      Je finIS

      Tu finIS

      Il finIT

      Elle finIT

      Nous finISSONS

      Vous finISSEZ

      Ils finISSENT

      Elles finISSENT

      And if you want it in negative form always add ( ne ) before the verb and ( pas ) after the verb.

      Je ne finis pas.

      For the other verbs that don't have definite stems just use flashcards. Also be positive if you keep saying you'll fail then you'll get lazy and won't study properly.

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      other verbs that are treated like finir are choisir , remplir , punir , saisir , rougir.

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      Thanks were are you from

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      Sorry I can't say ... but yes Ireland.

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      Ok but thanks

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      Do out verb charts

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