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    Aural marking schemes caraw1

    i have just been practicing my french aural and went online to look for the marking scheme but i cant find it, the french paper is there alright but the marking scheme for the aural ordinary is not there, can anyone send me links as to where i would find the marking schemes, a.s.a.p

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      Hi Caraw1

      I just checked Leaving cert french there and You can find the aural marking schemes at the bottom of the main marking scheme available on

      for example see page 15 of



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      Sorry i should have been more specific, i think there is a glitch on because the 2011 marking scheme is not there, it is just the paper, thats where i got confused, i was trying to find it but couldnt. i had a look just now and there is definitely not there, which is annoying because i want to know how well i did in my studying

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