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    French message and postcard ekkkkkk i_shier

    Hey you guys studying hard.. I'm am freakin so nervous 4 French tomorrow ahhhh can ye plz give me some of yere wonderful predictions for the message and letter. Thanks guys keep up the hard study #studyizgreat

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      i tink its gonna be in french anyways

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      well no way .... ANYWAY revise your passe composse (bulk of letter will be in past) (know your present verbs) AND know one or two verbs for the future tense because there is always one question about what you will do in the future

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      Bonne Chanse

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      know how to ask what will you do next summer?-qu'est-ce que tu feras l'ete prochaine.

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      I think a formal letter would come up this year because it comes up every two-three years (2012,2010,2007,2005)

      Learn you phrases eg Je m'amuse bien or C'était super ici

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      Learn your opening and ending off by heart. And you get 5 of the 50 marks for the letter by having the right layout "e.g Galway, le 5 septembre, Cher/Chére and A Bientót" etc. so make sure you have that right. The rest of the marks go for including all points in your letter, and the grammar/spelling

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      What is the layout for a note?

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      Message note*

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      @adam - Not for the note. Just for the letter

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      So there is no date or anything?

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      Um... Idk... I don't think so? Well think about it, would you put a date on a note you're leaving for some1? Probably not

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      11ND - CCM

      There isn't marks going for having a specific layout in either the postcard or note, but that said without it you lose marks. In the note you should write the day and the time in the top right, bonjour/salut depending on who it is to. And something like à toute à l'heure or à bientôt at the end

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      For the note, u write the time i.e 9h30 on the right and then Salut whatever...

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      I did not know that. That information was no use to me in that exam anyway but thank you

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