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    How to study JC French study person

    So much vocab, so little!!

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      Definitely have your postcard/note and letter studied have openings and closings learned you'd be surprised by how much vocab you remember in the exam just think practically

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      study person

      Ok thanks....paragraphs about weather for me then!!!:):)

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      Practice Comprehensions and listenings u already did, so then u can try and c where u went wrong before.

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      study person

      ok, does the same vocab tend to come up every year in the comprehensions??

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      For the listening know the weather as that's the final definite question first. Comprehension always a recipe and if you go through the past papers it's always the same food

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      Know the instruction words for French...they always ask u to explain a step in the recipe...

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      study person

      ok thanks:)

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      basically know about weather and directions and know the numbers when they say them in the aural because they ususally ask phone numbers

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      Know your letter and post card vocabulary and make sure you know passe compose and also a verb or two in the future. In the personal letter to your friend theres always three different tenses past present and future! xx

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      Useful french vocabulary, in desperate need.

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