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Jack_6934 Junior Cert French — 19/06/16 8

Anyone have listening, comprehension answers?

Gearoid_Collins — 15/06/16
no. x
alexn2015 — 15/06/16
Anything in particular?
Jack_6934 — 16/06/16
Alex- listening would be great as I can't find it anywhere else
John1534 — 17/06/16
Colinod97 has the answer
Jack_6934 — 17/06/16
How do I contact him
EH458 — 17/06/16
I don't have the exact answers obviously but I can type up what I got in a post for the listening?
John1534 — 17/06/16
That's his name on snapchat or else ring him on this number 0876750167
Jack_6934 — 19/06/16
Thanks so much!! Has anyone got listening
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