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    Essential vocab for French listening? Elisha447

    I have my mocks French hl listening tomorrow I'm so unprepared and nervous!!

    What vocab would you say I need to definitely know??! I have a vocab copy with loads of notes I don't even know where to start.. Should I learn jobs colours the family etc??

    Any tips and advice would be really appreciated!! X

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      just try your best and never leave a blank, like never.

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      the weather is super important and so are jobs, numbers/dates, days of the week - other than that you need a huge basis of vocabulary as it is not predictable at all

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      As a French teacher, I disagree that it is unpredictable. The following questions always come up: a French surname to spell, a phone number to complete, the name of a building, directions to it, a colour (will come up somewhere on the paper). There is usually a hobby mentioned. Learn the weird ones; the others sound like English. Likewise, learn the weird instruments; the others sound like English. Know the difference in sound between infirmière (nurse), fermière, (female farmer), and know the difference between institutrice (primary teacher) and professeur (secondary teacher). Hope this helps, if not in your mocks, then in the real thing.

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