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    French Orals AubernGene

    Hey if anybody's got any notes like samples or tips for the French orals it'd be much appreciated! Thanks in advance :D

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      Do you not mean Aurals?

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      no you can do an oral for the jc if your teacher thinks youre good enough at speaking the language but its not compulsory ^

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      Ok? I never ever heard of a French oral at JC

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      Really? Ours are in a week :o

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      I did the french oral. It was really just a matter of memorising the answers. Our teacher made us write out all the questions and responses in a separate small notebook. For the short questions our teacher helped us get a nice high-quality answer for each question and then we would have to memorise them. For the role plays though, we all were given the same responses to memorise. Our teacher even brought us to the younger classes to perform every question and every role play without notes just to give them an idea for what they would be up against the following year and also to boost our confidence when speaking so that we wouldnt freeze up on the day.

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      Yeah i just am missing my oral question answers :p Thanks @studybuddy15 @SyranBruen

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