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    How to get a b in french Elisha447

    I got 60% in my mock French higher level. I really want a b or even a in the real thing

    The listening is what's giving me low grades. Is there anyway I can improve?? I'm able to learn off phrases but I'm always worried I won't get a good letter to write etc.. And I find the listening so hard!!

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      I got a B and in the mocks I got 69%. My advice for the listening would be to practice the past listening papers at home and guess the answers then go to studyclix and look at the answers for each part and play the tape again on the bits you didn't get and get used to hearing the words you didn't know. Also read the questions before the tape starts. It's really easy to get a B because the 2015 paper was a disaster for me but I was able to pick up little bits and just attempt every question. I even used the wrong tense for the letter but I improved on that by doing well in the letter. I have notes on the letter/message etc if you need them leave your email below. Good luck😀

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      @Avril_7038 could you please email me the French notes you have?☺️ Thanks

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      Yep. I'll try take very clear pictures of them tomorrow for you :)

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      Thank you so much☺️

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      @Avril_7038 can you email me the notes too?

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      What are your emails??

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      Would you mind emailing notes to me please

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      Avril_7038 hey my email is thanks!!

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      Hi I'm in LC now and I got an A in my junior cert, the listening used to drag me down as well but honestly the only advice I can give you is to practice, practice, practice. I was lucky because my teacher did a listening comp nearly everyday as we worked really quickly through the course and she had the time to, there is no trick except practice. If your teacher doesn't do that I would recommend that you listen to any bit of French you can everyday and try do a listening comprehension.

      A lot of times it can be tricky to understand what they are saying in the listening even if you know the vocab, so perhaps you could watch french films on netflix (with subtitles don't worry lol) or even listen to French music. Anything that will let your ear become a bit more fine tuned at recognising French accents and sounds.

      As for the letter, learn phrases that can be used in everything but also try to learn vocab on the typical topics, holidays, school, etc. Just make sure you know the passé composé, present and future tenses (futur proche and future tense) inside out and that way you can construct a really well written, grammatically correct letter. And don't forget the little things, like the masc, fem + plural agreements!

      You will be fine, if you need any more help let me know :)

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      any tips for the passe compose? thanks

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      barry goulding

      any yokes ?

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      Passé composé is made up of an auxiliary verb (AVOIR or ETRE) and the past participle.

      So you must know avoir and etre, firstly:

      Avoir: J'ai, tu as, il/elle/on a, nous avons, vous avez, ils ont/elles ont

      Etre: Je suis, tu es, il/elle/on est, nous sommes, vous etes, ils/elles sont

      A lot of verbs use AVOIR as their auxiliary verb. For example if I was saying I ate, I would say

      J'ai mangé. Same with I sold (vendre), j'ai vendu. Same with I chose (choisir), jai choisi.

      As you can see the ER verbs take é, the IR verbs take i and the RE verbs take u as their endings.

      The only time you ever use etre in the passe composé is with the MRS VANDERTRAMP verbs or reflexives. E.g. Je suis né (I was born) or Je me suis couché, I went to bed.

      In short, just use avoir or etre: J'ai or je suis and then add your past participle of whatever verb you are using. You should learn off the past participles of irregular verbs if you don't know them. For example j'ai MIS (I put), j'ai PU (I could) j'ai VU (I saw)

      I hope you understand this it is very hard to explain on here, hope this helps a little!!

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      Avril_7038 could you send me on French notes please

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      Sorry email conorkeane147@yahoo. com

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