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    how to say i'm spending week with my cousins in france? student331

    Je passe deux semaines chez mes cousins?

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      Je suis ici avec mes cousins pour deux semaines

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      Thanks Jenny

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      Or, me voici en France pour passer deux semaine avec mes cousins

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      Je passe une semaine avec mes cousins dans la France

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      or je reste avec mes cousins pendant deux semains :)

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      Hey just a tip regarding SryanBruen's comment, never say "dans la France"!!! France is a feminine country and it always takes "en" instead of "dans".

      So it would be "Je passe une semaine avec mes cousins en France. You'll be docked marks for saying dans la France, feminine countries will always take en :)

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      Compared to the other one you commented on, you're correct there.

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      Just trying to help out SryanBruen, I think I have a little bit of experience with JC French, I did it in 2014 and got an A. I remember different subjects I struggled with at JC and it was great to have help from people online which is all I'm trying to do, no need to get defensive. I just feel I can be of help.

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      Well I have gotten an A in every French test I have done so far (inc. my mocks) - that's what was really making me defensive and I have dealt with trolls on this before who pissed me off - I thought you were going to be one of those but it looks like you aren't, sorry!

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