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mncpxmmqn Junior Cert French — 12/06/16 3

I'm panicking a lot right now, because I'm extremely stupid and I haven't studied for HIGHER LEVEL FRENCH and I started it this year (I've changed school), I missed the mock as I was sick but I got a C in the christmas exams and I'd love to get a grade or two up lmao The only thing I'm okay with is the listening, we've been doing those class after class after class.. Help???

barcelona — 12/06/16
do comprehensions and pick out words that come up often thats 75% of the way [listening and comprehensions] for written keep writing!!!
barcelona — 12/06/16
best of luck
Ciara2000 — 12/06/16
Some aspects of the comprehensions come up every year, such as cooking instructions and signs (the first comprehension question). They're only small parts, but learning off key phrases can guarantee you marks here. I recommend you make a list of commonly asked sentences in the composition question, and study a couple of phrases to help in answering them. Last year a note came up, so it's likely to be a postcard this year, meaning it MAY be beneficial to focus on this. In postcards you are almost always asked where you are staying and who you are with, so it would be useful to know how to say that as. Other than that, I suggest practicing lots of comprehensions. Listening is worth 44% and if you're relatively confident with that, you might secure a pass. Studying the guaranteed comprehensions, letter and postcard phrases are a bonus. Good luck.
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