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    Letter Cdevoy

    Can anyone give me tips for the letter like what verbs to use to get high marks?? Thanks!

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      You dont need to use harder language to get better marks, just go through the exam questions and see what comes up a lot and learn a few sentances for that.

      For example if you were asked school news/ family news/ news about your best friend/ why you didnt reply earlier you can say: i/he/she/my teacher was sick, ___had a headache. ___ stayed in bed

      other important phrases to know are:

      youre going on holiday/school tour

      what the weathers like

      what you did yesterday

      what youre going to do tommorow

      ask about their plans

      invite them to come to ireland in the summer

      ask how are their family

      thank them for their letter/present


      you also need to know the layout ; in the top right corner you will have the plae followed by the date e.g: Nice, le 10 mai

      dear= cher(boy) chére(girl)

      for your signing off you can say á biento^t then under that your name

      hope this helped! good luck

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      Make sure you know some useful phrases that you can use in basically every letter eg.c'est mon truc!Ce sera fantastique!C'etait incroyable!Make sure you put at least one phrase in each task to make your letter stand out.Know how the passe compose,future sample,future proche etc.Good luck! C:

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      Thanks everyone 👍🏻

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      I'd advise always writing to a boy, writing everything is masculine form is a lot easier, that way you dont have to about forgetting to add an 'e' at the end.

      If you're unsure about the futur simple then you can use the futur proche, c'est plus facile. It's always lovely to start off by saying "Bonjour! Comment vas-tu? Je vais bien. Je viens de finir mes examens. Je suis aux anges!"

      Je viens de & verb in infinitive means " i have just". That'll get you top marks no bother. Instead of saying "je suis bien" say "je vais bien", it's a lot less generic and it's very casual. Good luck!

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      dont bother do the letter just skip it its only worth 20% same poscard

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      jk the letter is hugely important if you dont do it you could go down 2 grades

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