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    New correcting system?!?! mathswhiz101

    Anyone know whats the story with this new electronic correcting system that they're on about for french?

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      It doesn't really effect us it's just an improvement for teachers that the marking schemes will be online for them, don't really think it's anything life changing for us or that it will be marked all that different 👍🏼 from what I gather anyway

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      ya but what about if our answer goes under the line or they can't read our writing. earlier this year we did a DATS test and the answers came out wrong because it was incorrectly marked.(due to the computers not being able to correct it properly)

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      all we have to worry about is to make sure we only write in blue or black pen and to not write off the lines i.e don't write in the margin as the answers are being scanned and anything written in the margin wont come up.

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      The examiner told me to only write in black pen ^

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      ours said blue or black

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      i cant see how it will work for the writing sections at all

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      I don't do business so I missed it.. whats going on?

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      Wait what's going on about it? It's being corrected by a machine or something?? If my French paper gets fucked up by a machine I swear to god I'm gonna march up to the SEC and give them a beating

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      I thought it was to do with the marking scheme I didn't know they were being scanned...

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      I didn't know that. I'm so screwed, my test was in blue but I wrote p1's and p2's beside the points. I scribbled things out and my writings really messy too.

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      It actually doesn't matter if you write outside the lines. My teacher contacted the Sec and they said the computer will scan the entire paper and all answers will be marked!! :)

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      I don't get what they mean by being tired of getting their lazy asses over to the sec headquarters in Athlone like wooooww if they scanned it they would also be wasting excess paper by printing it out or are they going to mark it on the screen that is about as uncomfortable as it gets

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