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EA22 Junior Cert French — 29/05/16 6

Guys can y'all give me tips on how to learn all the crap bout passé compose bcus I've got an exam next Monday and there's a whole section on it !!

Evan_5339 — 25/05/16
Remember the past tense verbs that take avoir as MRSVANDERTRAMP: Monter --> monté (went up) Retourner --> retourné (returned) Sortir --> sorti (went out) Venir --> venu (came) Arriver --> arrivé (arrived) Naître --> né (was born) Descendre --> descendu (went down) Entrer --> entré (entered) Rester --> resté (stayed) Tomber --> tombé (fell) Rentrer --> rentré (went back in) Aller --> allé (went) Mourir --> mort (died) Partir --> parti (left) The rest are Etre verbs.
SryanBruen — 25/05/16
Evan it's the other way round. Those verbs take Etre (as well as every Reflexive verb) but all the rest take Avoir. J'ai fait - I did Je suis tombé - I fell (NOT J'ai tombé)
katiecondron1 — 29/05/16
just remember them by MR TRAMPS RED VAN
Galbraith — 29/05/16
-ER goes to é -IR goes to i -RE goes to u
Galbraith — 29/05/16
katiecondron1 what is MR TRAMPS RED VAN
SryanBruen — 29/05/16
Yeah Katie I never heard of that mnemonic before, interesting..
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