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    Predictions for French letter 2015 Katie1999

    Does anyone know anything that could come up in the 2015 letter please?? I find it really hard to learn off lots of paragraphs so please help!!

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      There's no real pattern to the french letter, sorry :/ . Although there will always be something in the past, present and the future tenses, so learn your tenses off and have a few basic sentences/words and you should be okay.

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      I was told that the formal letter has a good chance in coming up this year which would give you a choice between informal or formal. The formal letter asks for only 4 points while the informal asks for 5. It has a different format and style though. I don't know if you're practised with writing a formal letter or not because every teacher has their own opinions and advice but if so just read over any notes of it just to know the style of writing and format for it. It just means that on the day you have a choice between the two letters and there is one less point to write if you choose formal but then again it isn't 100% definite to come up so it's really up to you. I don't know if this helps but I hope it does.

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