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    Predictions ??? Note/postcard/letter Bosco1234

    Anybody have any sort of help?

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      I'm not sure sorry

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      That's ok no worries , anybody else ??

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      I think a postcard is due but glance over messages just in case it comes up. Most people are saying it's a postcard. And for the letter I'm not sure but learn activities like going to cinema or a concert or soemthing

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      And also learn how to invite someone to stay with you over the holidays as that's fairly relevant. And because of the Olympics and the euro's sport may be incorporated somewhere too. Hope this helps

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      Thank you 😊😊

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      it seems that there is a pattern of notes, then postcards, then notes then postcards etc. since there was a note last year, it is thought there will be a postcard this year. no harm in looking over some note phrases though either

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      postcard, my teacher said they rarely do notes two years in a row, but its worth looking over but its more than likely going to be postcard

      best of luck :)

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      Thanks guys 🙈😊

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