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    Urgent help needed with listening! Eva_x_x

    hi, I am quite good at French and don't particularly struggle with anything in school except the French listening paper! Its what I always worry about most and when practising in class everyone is usually able to get most of the answers but no matter how hard I try I can never understand what they are saying. To my knowledge I don't have any hearing problems or anything like that I just can never get the answer. Does anyone else struggle with this or have any tips? I had a listening test today for my year finals and Im nearly certain I got at least 80% of it wrong and guessed the rest. please help! thanks :) (ANY advice would be appreciated!)

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      i have the same problem i listened to practice ones and i managed to raise my grade to an honour like i was failing them but i thinks that all really maybe try french podcasts ect

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      To be honest I was the exact same! However my grade went up from a d to a b within a number of weeks the best thing to do is PRACTISE I can't emphasis that enough it makes soooooo much of a difference honestly before you know it you'll get used to it and the vocabulary try it a couple of times and you'll see the different it makes :)

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      practice previous years, but you should also try and listen to french radio to hear the accents, which you can find online

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