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    Example of a Hot Desert Climate ? olivia99

    I don't have one ! Need one ASAP :) thanks

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      The Sahel

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      Thank you :)

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      An example of a Hot Climate is the Desert Climate.

      -Happens in places close to Equator

      -Slanted rays cooler than direct rays, hence why equatorial places are warmer.

      -nomadic ppl in desert, in Sahel region they are known as Benuits

      -they were white clothes to reflect the sun's rays

      -Benuits cause problem i.e Overgrazing & Over-cultivating and giving the land no rest to replenish

      -solution to this problem is irrigation=artificial watering of land.

      Hope this helps:) Good Luck tomorrow:D

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      ohmygod....okay...i thought u meant like the whole thing...sorry. My ears are actually Burning now, Im not gonna forget this thing tomorrow in the exam....

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