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    Geography JC+Mocks jennybean

    I'm brutal at geography have less stress for success but i simply do not get it i don't even understand the map work. any tips for the short questions and are they're any definites for mock paper and jc and dropping to ordinary isn't an option for me thankyou !

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      The good news is that the short questions have similar questions every year. Try go through each topic and look at the marking scheme for each of the short questions. Make sure you can do 6 figure grid referencing on the maps. That comes up every year about 5 times on the paper. Good luck!

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      oh thanks so much !! :) how do you do the six figure grid refrence ?

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      oleg kuvsincikov

      you also have to know how to make a sketch drawing of photo or OS map. It is a guaranteed question so you just have to know the chapter. Main Points:1Grid References 2 Giving reverence (Top, Bottom, ect. for OS map and foreground, background, ect. for photo) 3 what type of town is it (Residential, Bridging point) you have to know how to find them on the map and you need to give reference 4 Types of housing ( Nuclear which is also called Clustered, Linear and dispersed). I think that's it. If anyone has anything to add just do so.

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      catnee a good revision site for geog

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      revise wise :)

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