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    HELP! Population VampireBlue1234

    Hey! Does anyone have any answer for a place with low population like Mali?

    Needed ASAP thanks.

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      Hey! If there is an exam question asking you about a place with low population density, you can go for either the West of Ireland or Mali. I will take Mali as an example. The three points you can mention are: Low Marriage Rates (More young men are migrating to cities in search for work, while women are left in rural areas. This reduces marriage opportunities in both areas), Abandonment of Agricultural Land (Young people have been abandoning agricultural land and migrating to cities in search of work. This is mainly because desertification have destroyed animal herds and have forced people to flee their lands), and Political and Economic Isolation (Since France colonised Mali, the country became a remote and politically isolated colony of a foreign power. Also, after Mali gained independence, their government were too poor to afford building many roads. A lack of roads caused many rural areas to be economically isolated).

      Hope this helps :)

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      Thanks you so much!

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      Thank you so much!

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