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    Irrigation schemes and Oil VampireBlue1234

    Oh my gawd!!! Does anyone have any notes for the benfits of irrigation schemes particularly in THE NILE ALSO what questions come up for Oil?

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      Oil never comes up

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      Thanks. Not even with short questions?

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      I didn't even know oil was a part of the Geography syllabus. Why would it be?

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      Haven't a clue!

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      11ND - CCM

      In my book there is a 3 page case study about oil and it's importance of the effect it has had in oil countries like Saudi Arabia. You should know about the effect it has on the lifestyle of the people, the wars that were caused over it and trade embargoes and all the rest of it.

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      Oil's come up once or twice in the short answer questions, you need to be able to identify Saudi Arabia (they sometimes give the capital, Riyadh) and talk about whether oil is renewable or non-renewable. I'd focus on the Aswan Dam Project (irrigation in Egypt), I've been using this powerpoint that I found on Studyclix.

      It's really good but contains a lot of information, I would only know one or two advantages and disadvantages in great detail.

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      For irrigation just know about the Central Valley Project in California and know about aqueducts, arid land the definition for irrigation and you should do grand. The central valley project is a case study ut basically its bringing water from the north to the south through reservoirs. Know the Sacramento river aswell just the name and that the placed reservoirs there to make both north and south land better and more fertile and it controls flooding and drought. I have a test tomorrow on 16 chapters .... Joy...

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