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    Regional Geography armanigirl


    Examine multiculturalism in a Continental/ Sub-Continental region that you have studied. 


    I have studied Brazil and i have'nt a clue what's this question about please could someone help me out? 

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      Multiculturalism is defined as the preservation of different cultures or cultural identities within a unified society, as a state or nation.

      I study India but maybe you could look at some of the following things

      - The different ethnic backgrounds of the people of Brazil (african slaves, Portuguese settlers, native tribes)

      - Music/ religion/ food of the different groups

      - Any conflict between different ethnic groups (Amazonian tribes and loggers for instance)

      - what things unify Brazil (music, soccer, religion etc.)

      Best of Luck

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      I did brazil. its about the tribes and religon and language if thats any help to u

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      Michael Lyons

      Brazil's population structure consists of a number of groups, including

      1. Europeans

      2. Black African

      3. Native Amerindian.

      Over time through marriage etc these groups have mixed and combined to form new groupings.

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      its simple enough really.

      first of all try to establish all the ethnic groups and sub groups

      then try and give a small run down on each of them

      aim for 3 or 4 SRP's on each and you will find yourself at full marks in no time

      often the questions are more difficult than the answers

      best of luck

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