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    Aerial Photographs hannahnugent1

    How do you sketch an aerial photo?

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      Why? It will very unlikely come up as it came up in 2015 and a sketch map on an OS map came up in 2014 and a sketch of an aerial photograph came up in 2013. So why would you want to know if it's more than likely not going to come up?

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      The same as an os map but you draw 4x4 boxes on it and try sketch what they ask you onto it

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      There's your answer anyways ^ (thanks Maria)

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      Yeah like sryan said it really is more then likely not going to come up so your better off learning the os maps and your welcome sryan haha

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      Thank you so much and good luck!

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      Thanks. Good luck to you's too.

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      is it no divide the length and width by 2 to get the dimensions for you're sketch map and then divide this box into 3 both horizontally and vertically. Also always put a title e.g. 'Sketch map of Killarney'. Also always put a key/legend under your sketch map when done.

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      I never do any of that ^ hahaha (except put a title). I just look at the map or photograph and assume the length & width of it and draw it. I never put legends or keys, I just label my sketched features.

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      See a sketch map on an OS map came up...

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