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All junior cert predictions post 2016
by elenah123 Junior Cert Geography — 06/06/16 5

Any predictions in any subject please comment below :) Here's what I have got: History: Renaissance,Middle ages,Reformation,1916 rising,Industrial Revoloution Maths: Pythag.theroem hasn't come up yet :) Home economics: Meat,fish,eggs,home baking,advertising,digestion Geography: Coasts,migration

Niamh_harry16 — 04/06/16
bst delivery systems, employer, revised budget
elenah123 — 05/06/16
Kilcow — 05/06/16
A letter in English in functional writing.
jewelmary2016 — 05/06/16
how u know it is going to be a letter for english
elenah123 — 06/06/16
@Kilcow Thank you but where is the prediction based off :)
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