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    barriers to migeration Sarah2014

    what does this term mean?

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      Barriers to migration are things that slow or stop the movement of people and things from one place to another


      Physical - Mountains

      Economic - High unemployment

      Political - Laws that restrict the movement of people to places

      Cultural - Language barrier

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      would high unemployment be like a push factor?

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      Sarah2014 I will post an answer for you.

      - Push factors: People may decide to leave a place if they dislike certain things about it. These unattractive things are called push factors or repellent reasons for migration.

      - Pull factors: People may migrate to a place because they think that certain things about t are attractive. These things are called pull factors or attractive reasons for migration.

      ( Just good phrases to know )

      Here are some words that will allow you to decide if it's push factors, barriers to migration, pull factors.

      - Too many people for the farmland

      - War and unrest

      - Cold, wet climate

      - Natural disasters ( floods earthquakes )

      - Friends and family left behind

      - Severe pollution

      - Famine

      - Lively social life

      - Warm and sunny climate

      - Fear of the Unknown

      - Religious or racial persecution

      - Good job opportunities

      - A promise of freedom

      - Overcrowding

      - Better schools, colleges etc.

      - Good housing

      - Government immigration laws

      - Unemployment and underemployment

      - A shortage of educational facilities

      Make out 3 columns push factors, barriers to migration and pull factors and use them words to put under the headings you think they fit into. If you can't figure them out just give it a go and comment below if your stuck! Just a challenge!

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      thanks what would the definition be four the barrier to migration like to get the full marks would it need to be long

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      I already gave you the definition Sarah???

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      yes but is that what you would just say ????

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      Yes!!! But there is no harm in giving an example! (ONE necessary)

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      ok thank you

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      Sarah2014 as having completed my junior cert already I would go with the answer I just gave you as I know what the paper was like and have sat it. Everything I have just wrote you don't need all them factors only a few. Just saying the more examples the more marks.

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