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NLJM Junior Cert Geography — 10/10/16 1

Does anyone have any notes/ any good you tube video's about the bogs

SryanBruen — 10/10/16
Peat is a non-renewable natural resource that has been exploited in Ireland for hundreds of years. The turf was traditionally hand cut using a sleán. Raised bogs are about 8 metres deep. They get exploited by families and industrial estates and are found mostly in the midlands of Ireland. Blanket bogs are about 3-4 metres deep. They are owned by families and are found along the west coast of Ireland. Bord na Móna was established by the Government in 1946 to exploit and harvest peat on an industrial scale. This was so that Ireland would have its own energy source. Production of peat: A ditcher is used to dig drains to dry out the bog. A grader is used to level the bog. A miller harvests the peat by scraping loose a thin layer on top of the bog. A harrow is used to dry out the loose peat on the surface. A ridger gathers the loose dried peat into ridges.
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