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mncpxmmqn Junior Cert Geography — 10/06/16 5

The Map is a guaranteed question, but every year there's been a full physical geography question and a full question on climate/weather/atmosphere etc. Would I get away with completely ignoring social geography? (I'm not complete shit, I can cope with the short Q's)

SryanBruen — 09/06/16
Yes if you do Q1, 2 and 5 for the long ones.
laughterislife — 09/06/16
I'm kinda leaning towards doing that too but I am going to read the social geography so I have a fair idea! You'd want to be really confident with everything on physical and climate though!
mncpxmmqn — 09/06/16
I actually really like geography lmao, I feel like I'll be fine with just the physical and climate!! Thanks
carolinaaplasencia — 10/06/16
Same here fam. Syran Bruen do u think anything on urbanization is going to come up
DarParty — 10/06/16
I really hope you knew a bit of social geography
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