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    Does a meander count as a feature of deposition? Freedomhunter123

    Does a meander count as a feature of deposition?

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      Only if you say that it is formed by the deposition of alluvium on the inside bank

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      hey, no meander is a feature of erosion. If you expand on it and say an ox-bow lake then it's a feature of deposition :)

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      k.kid isnt it both deposisition and erosion

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      Oh yeah sorry you have to say about the ox-bow lake as wel

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      I think you should just stick to your specific features of deposition deltas levees and oxbow lakes because your making it much harder for yourself combining meanders and oxbow lakes together because I also dont think meanders are really a product of deposition by its self as they are also erosion so the examiner/teacher might deduct marks from you for also talking about erosion :)

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