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    exam paper 2015 Mall

    Any one find the short questions hard

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      the third one was and the one where you had to follow the directions but apart from that no

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      Not really,some of them were.I didn't now the 2cnd last question so i guessed it :P

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      for the follow the directions one did you get bulls street?

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      Isabelle3b yeah I got bulls street for that question.

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      I got the street beginnig with C... forget what it was tho

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      cood or something like that

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      Yeah I got the one beginning with C in the directions too. I wasn't sure after I did it but then I realised it said go left in the last instruction. 2 of the optional streets were on the right so I knew they werent right. Two were on the left and hugh street was too far up on the map so I chose the one starting with C. I think it was called Corrie.

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      yeah^^^ it was called the coombe i looked it up

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      Sean Houlihan

      It was Bull Alley street ?

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      I said Bull Alley Street, because the way I read the directions suggested it was in your POV, and as you went down the stree

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      Sorry, let me finish that:

      Street and turned to the third street South to the left, I imagined that I was on that street and on my own POV, Bull Alley Street was the third street South to the left, and that is why I chose it..

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      I said bull alley street

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      For name one rural settlement can you say a ring fort?? And if i did my skech map portrait instead of landscape will i loose much marks? Please help

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      I got bull alley street too :]

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