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    Fronts eoghan_15

    Could someone please help me answer this question;

    Describe how a warm or a cold front develops

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      A cold front occurs when a cold air mass pushes in and replaces a warm air mass. Warm air mass is lighter so it is forced to rise rapidly into the atmosphere.

      As the warm air rises, it cools and condensation takes place. Masses of cloud develop. Heavy rain falls along the front.

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      A warm front occurs when a warm air mass approaches a cold air mass. The warm air is lighter so it rises up over the cold air.

      As the warm air rises, it cools and condenses to form dark, rain-bearing clouds. Continuous rain soon follows.

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      Thanks so much

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      @SyranBruen Do you know any websites that have good geography notes? Thanks

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      SryanBruen this. But in the Geography resources on this you can find a powerpoint that I designed that goes on these chapters

      - The Earth

      - Rocks

      - Shaping Earth's Crust

      - The Restless Atmosphere

      - Climate

      - Soils

      You can also see it in my profile here in my uploaded resources.

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