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    geography and maths Alexmoses

    Anyone know how I should study geography and maths for my jc please help and is it too late to start studying now I want to get b's a's c's please help

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      its never 2 late! jus go over past exam questions .... read over notes copies.. there is not much else you or anyone can do!

      you'll be grand! :)

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      I agree there isn't much else you can do! I hacen't started studying yet either so you're not alone :-)

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      Well Geography, Section 1 is easy so you should be able to get at least 40/60 no problem. And Section 2 is harder so make sure to look at exam papers if you want to do well in this section. Remember, it's worth 90 marks so make sure to master Section 2 questions. Also, Q5 (Aerial photos/map question) always comes up on Section 2, and it comes up as Questions 18-20 on Section 1 every year

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      Does know what to expect on paper 2 ??

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      Does anyone* know what to expect on paper two?

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      As MysticManiac said you're guaranteed that Q5 will be the ariel photo and OS map but thats about all that anyone can predict unless you wanted to take a chance and go back over past papers to see w if there are any patterns but I don't think there are

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      They're right, you're best off doing aerial photographs/maps because it takes the pressure off, less chance involved. Also would study third-world countries and population pyramids because they come up every year in section 2.

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