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    Geography for both DEB and Examcraft Conor_3792

    What's on geography for both Examcraft and DEB. I have done english maths irish business technology science and cspe.

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      The geography exam long questions were:

      Q1.a. volcano label parts

      Explain how volcanoes benefit human and how they negatively impact humans.

      B.picture of freeze thaw action

      Explain how it occurs

      C.mass movement

      Name type of mass movement and explain how it happens

      Q2.a. hot climate precipitation and weather characteristics

      B.forgot sorry

      There were questions asking what urban renewal was

      Write about a new town you have studied

      unfair trade to poor countries, A city with a dense population, Women's advances in the workplace

      Economic inequality,Soils,role of women

      Glaciation / Coastal deposition

      Also I think soils came up

      And on the Os maps it was give a reason why this settlement is here today.

      I have no clue which exam company they are from but this is all I got from other people.

      Remember any hard science questions?

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      no it was all very easy thanks :)

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      Conor is this what's on ours ?

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      do you have tips for exam craft science?

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      which is exam craft

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      Any tips for DEB English paper 1 and 2 higher level and business paper 2 higher level?

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      Is this the same make as the maths with the pluto and earth

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      whats hot climate precipitation and weather characteristics

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      gustas.dovainys.1 or anyone who did the same exam as him, was your sketch map of Lahinch in Clare because if it is then I would really like to know as I have that mock paper

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      Yeah the sketch map on it was Lahinch.

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      Thanks so much! :) gustas.dovainys.1

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      If you want I have the actual section 2 of the page "gusty2" ~snapchat

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