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    Hi! I was just wondering if you had to learn all the types of climates or just one from each main world climate e.g

    hot climate- hot dessert climate

    temperate climate- warm temperate oceanic climate

    cold climate-tundra climate


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      Learn all the details of those three, but know a little about the others such as being able to locate them on maps or to recognise them on a table of rainfall/temp data. Only 3 needed in detail.

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      Yes learn those there ^. These are the requirements:

      Learn ONE hot climate

      Learn ONE temperate climate

      Learn ONE cold climate

      You must know ONE of each and they ask you something such as "Name and describe the characters of a COLD climate you have studied".

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      ye learn them all. hope this helps:).................

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      fionanewsome you are the worst teacher ever I swear....

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      hope this helps;) hahahaha LOL

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      thank you so much! that was really helpful :)

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