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    geography Mocks! yzaa

    Mocks tomorrow. Any advice/hints?

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      I don't know anything that's on it but be good at os maps as that is always a long question, there is usually question on population growth which is manageable and know the weather.. Good luck!!

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      Should we answer in point format or essay style?

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      Make sure you have colouring pencils, a ruler and a calculator.

      Leave any short questions that you're unsure of until last.

      Do an extra long question if you get the chance.

      Best of luck💛

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      Every year earth topics come up so know your volcanoes, rocks. Know river features as those usually come up, tourism, desertification and hot climate(hint hint). And of course the OS maps are simple

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      We had the test today and it was fine. I wouldn't recommend doing an extra long Q. Do 3 questions REALLY well with a plan for each. I did all the short questions first, picked my long Q's, Did all the plans together, Did all the writing together, OS maps last, and then did the short questions I couldn't answer. Remember it's only the mocks

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      Apogee what long questions came up thanks!

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      mine is on Friday :(:(:(:(:(:(:(

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      Are your teachers correcting your pres or are you getting them sent out? We're getting them sent out I wonder if I'll see a big difference between easy and hard markers

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      Wemi literally in my answer up there is what I did for the long questions

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      @ava.mcgurran my maths teacher is correcting mine but everyone other subject is being sent away

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      We had one on the setback of unfair trade to poor countries, A city with a dense population, Women's advances in the workplace

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