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    Help please ?!?!?! Sarah2014

    so my geo teacher has gone on maternity leave and we wont have another teacher for a couple of months. im so nervous now for the jc because im useless at geo. is the any notes/websites that can help my teach myself geo? thanks

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      tbh just practise exam paper questions and check the answers with the marking scheme.... its the only way to go! (from a similar experience)

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      Thank you very much ☺

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      I had the same problem with history as I had 5 teachers over the 3 years. Like @grainneogrady said exam questions are like the bible, luckily I had 2 brilliant geography teachers and I didn't really need to study the day before, but in history, just make concise notes and each weekend take 1 hour to revise them or if you learnt something off write it out. It really does help

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      Mr. Smith

      use the front of the exam paper book. look at what comes up every year and which ones are due to come up this year i.e. some come up every other year or every third year- make sure you know these. The short questions are predictable enough. You can gain easy mark for map work or aerial photo section. Make sure you are able to draw sketch maps and identify things on them (like settlement patterns, historical remains etc) you need to be able to identify reasons for settlement in certain areas (port, water, defence, bridging points) Also look at reasons for visitors coming to an area (beaches, fishing, camping, old castles- any tourist attractions. These are the easiest marks to gain so get that done first along with the section one's from previous years and that is a solid base. After that start looking at questions you know most about and revise those. This might help you get started. Good luck and don't worry too much, If you are working on it at this stage you are going to be fine. I will try to find material to help you out this week.

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      Thank you both very much @granners and @mrsmith

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      I'm the same my geo teacher is also on maternity leave so I'm just practising exam papers:)

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      Yeah same but I hate geography haha

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      I got a new teacher yesterday she seems lovely so I'm hoping for the best

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      Yes this week we got a new geo teacher he is a man but he isn't that good so I'm still worried about the jc. He hasn't got a clue what's on the jc each year etc

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      Pretty much just study from studyclix and revise wise. Make sure you know your case studys though because my teacher always goes on about how crucial they are. Also in geography your geography vocabulary like juvenile win you many marks :))

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      ok cool I don't know too much about the jc paper layout. where would they ask you questions about case studies. do you need to know the case study for the way water is passed around Dublin and the pollaphuca reservoir etc? thanks :)

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      What book do you use? Is it New Geo? All case studies must be learnt! and your book should give you a sample exam question on the study and the question will help you determine what to memorize of the case study - you don't need to learnt every bit of every case study!

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      its new complete geography by Charles hayes. it doesn't give me a sample exam questions to complete

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      Well that's stupid. Would you like me to give you sample exam questions on the case studies (that come up most often?)? I don't mind at all

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      If you have time that would be great ! Thanks ☺

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      A farm can be viewed as a system, involving inputs, processes and outputs.

      Answer each of the following questions with reference to any mixed farm that you have studied.

      (i) Name two farm inputs.

      (ii) Describe two processes that take place on the farm.

      (iii) Name two outputs from the farm and state how each may be used.

      ^ Primary Economic Activities (Farm case study) (2015 exam paper)

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      Thank you so much

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      (i) Name any new town in Ireland that you have studied.

      (iii) Describe any two characteristics of this new town.

      ^ Settlement (2014 exam paper)

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      The location of manufacturing industries is influenced by many factors including:

      • Raw Materials

      • Labour

      • Markets

      • Transport

      • Capital

      • Services

      • Government Policies.

      Explain how any three of the factors listed above influence the location of one manufacturing industry that you have studied.

      ^ Secondary Economic Activities (Manufacturing industry case study) (2014 exam paper)

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      (i) Name one example of organised migration that you have studied.

      (ii) Describe two effects of this organised migration on the area to which people migrated.

      ^ Population (Organised migration case study) (2013 exam paper)

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      I presume these are all higher level? Thank you again ☺

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      (i) Name one city in the developing world that you have studied.

      (ii) Explain two problems associated with unplanned development in this city.

      ^ Urbanisation / Economic Inequality (Urbanisation in the developing world (2013 exam paper)

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      Describe any three different functions associated with urban settlement(s) along the Rhine River Basin.

      ^ Settlement (River Rhine case study) (2013 exam paper)

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      Yes. It is no bother at all to me.

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      Thank you again

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      Do you need any more or is that enough?

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      Here's a pdf of loads of examples of past exam questions on case studies (HL and OL mixed)

      attachment Exam (4).pdf

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      Thank you very much that's grand ☺

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      are you doing higher or ordinary level

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      higher :)

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      If your looking for good notes here's a link to my teachers prezi account if you've never used them there like power points except there online and anyone can use them. There really condense down and its handy that there online so you can go over them any time.

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      Thanks so much

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      If you go into Geography and then the resources, you will find all my powerpoints on everything in Geography from The Earth up to Soils. I am working on others.

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      Ok cool ☺

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      Teaching other people helps a lot, from personal experience. Get a relative or even a friend and read from your book to them developing on the points and explaining it in your own words, that really helps for you to understand the material and for it to stick in your head :))x

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      This helped a lot thanks

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