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    HL OS map legend Aidandaly2kPro

    Is the ordnance survey map legend provided with you every year in higher level geography? Because I never see it in my past exam papers.

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      Yes.. it is in one of the past papers though in Edco exam papers (as I have seen)

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      Thanks but I don't see it in every year

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      Read please what I just said above ^ It is in ONE OF THE PAST PAPERS (EDCO EXAM PAPERS)

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      no the exam papers don't print out the legend for each year because it is the same one. in the edco exam papers, there is one printed out that is used for every exam and it is the second last page (I think)

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      HOWEVER, in our exam, there will be a different legend layout compared to the one you have seen before! It is advised to be aware of it.

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      Oh ok thanks 👍 I heard they've changed the legend this year so there may be a new legend in next years exam papers

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      What I just said there Aidan ^ ?

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      I know I was replying to both of you

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      yeah its fine aidandaly2kpro I didn't hear there was a new legend coming out. will it be different for the mocks which start on the 1st of feb for me? or just the jc? is there much changes?

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      I'd say both Sarah and no, not really. You can see it on the internet.

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      oh ok thanks :)

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      I'm not sure tbh my geography teacher showed it to us and its not much different to the current one so you won't really notice :)

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      oh ok cool my geo teacher never mention anything of it :)

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