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    I need help ellencoburn

    I HATE geography and have definitely been studying it the least .. problem is I just don't find myself remembering things like I would in history or science. Plus is doesn't help that I have 0 interest in the subject. does ANYONE have tips that they find helpful on how to revise geography topics? im desperate!

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      also, any topics I should pay extra attention to?

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      revise physical geography such as the different features like coastal and river erosion and deposition and earthquakes and volcanoes. practice maps as they are guaranteed and actually quite do-able if you cant remember things and the other questions are usually a mixed bag. i would recommend going through past geographical mixes in the exam papers to see what topics come up often and revise them. that way you should be able to attempt around 3 questions in the paper which is all you really need to do

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      do flashcards or go on and you can practice topics on this

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      thank you!

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