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    junior cert geography aerial photograph pikachu

    I finished my summer tests the other day(woohoo). However in geography we had to draw a sketch of an aerial photograph and I forgot my ruler so i think my measurements are off by about a centimetre to a centimetre in half but it is scaled down properly and is divided up into the nine even boxes. Do you thing I will lose many marks ? It also said to list four features and label them on the map but I think I may have labelled them wrong (eg. I labelled the bridge as a transport feature ) Do you think it will make a huge difference ? I am terrified of failing or getting below 85% tbh.Thank you

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      No you will not lose MANY marks especially considering you have the thing divided into foregrounds, middles and backgrounds - which a sketch map of an Aerial Photograph is supposed to have anyway. Yes the wrong labelling causes a loss in marks I am afraid (also non-labelled features). Although at the end of the day, I don't think these mistakes will make a huge difference.

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      Thanks SryanBruen it said list any four features but instead of saying like a housing estate I said a residential feature and so on. Do you still think i will attain some marks

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      Thank you so much SryanBruen

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