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orlab123 Junior Cert Geography — 06/06/16 4

Should I learn underground features of a cave (stalactites etc.) Like thoroughly, is it likely to come up?

SryanBruen — 06/06/16
caitlinfinn — 06/06/16
It's really not that difficult StalaGmites = G is for ground stalagmites are on the ground StalaCtites = C is for clouds, stalactites hang from the roof of the cave As long as you know Acid Rain,(which you should know for science anyway) you can basically make up how theyre formed as you go along.
mathswhiz101 — 06/06/16
also, you know stalagMITES are on the ground coz mites crawl along the floor
orlab123 — 06/06/16
Thank you guys ��
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