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    Long questions ?? Chloe12345678910

    Seems I can't find any answers online, is the Aswan dam an example of an irrigation project??

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      the aswan dam was built as part of the nile valley irrigation scheme in egypt

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      Case Study - A large irrigation scheme

      Name a large scale irrigation scheme

      = The Nile Valley, Egypt

      Give TWO reasons for the importance of the Nile River to Egypt

      1.Without the Nile River, Egypt and its ancient civilisation would not exist

      2.People grow crops on the Nile floodplain

      Name the dam built in 1975

      = The Aswan High Dam

      Describe ONE advantage of this dam for Egypt

      = The water can be released through canals and plastic piping along farmland in the Nile valley. Therefore, farmers can grow several crops in succession throughout the year. The farmland provides additional food for Egypt

      Describe ONE disadvantage of the dam

      =The canals that distribute the irrigation waters in the valley are overrun with a water snail, which carries an infection that affects humans.

      What is Egypt now planning for the western desert

      = Egypt is developing a major scheme to irrigate parts of the western desert. A canal will bring water from Lake Nasser to oases in the desert.

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      Thank you! This helped a lot 😊

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      you're welcome Chloe12345678910 !

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