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Long Questions- 4C
Jack_6934 Junior Cert Geography — 24/06/16 11

I wrote about Hong Kong for Developing Country with High Pop density. Some say developed some say it's not, is it? I chatted about high apartments, noise pollution, lack of water etc. Is this okay

Michelle Uwakk — 11/06/16
Yes i think your right because i have similar thing with you, mine was overcrowding, shortage of clean water and noise pollution
eworrall — 11/06/16
Calcutta is normally the suggested option but you should get away with Hong Kong
Jack_6934 — 11/06/16
Yeah I realised it was Calcutta after but I checked up Hong Kong and some sources say that it's developing. Thanks for the answers. How much would I lose out of the 10 marks?
23457 — 12/06/16
You might get some marks but id say 10 is unrealistic if you dont really answer whats asked
aaron10 — 15/06/16
No it's wrong mate because question asked that name one City in high pop density so it's kolkata india not Hong Kong
SryanBruen — 15/06/16
Aaron10 no he's not wrong. When talking about a high population density in Geography, it's either Calcutta or Hong Kong and he chose Hong Kong. It's no problem. No Jack, you would not lose any marks - if you described the reasons / problems correctly that is.
alexoconnor6 — 15/06/16
It says developing city..... hong kong is developed
SryanBruen — 15/06/16
Yeah you got me there. Alex is correct. - Aaron at least have a correct reason why it's not Hong Kong because both have high population densities.
aaron10 — 15/06/16
Developed-Hong kong Developing- Kolkata India So which means Kolkata India is developing word. If u say Hong Kong, you will get definitely no marks because Hong Kong is not developing world. U will lost 10 marks!!!!!
heyooo — 24/06/16
What if I made up a country... Like german?. :(
SryanBruen — 24/06/16
No ^
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