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    mocks vs jc geography ندى_5604

    is the mock similar to the jc geography with regards to the questions?

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      Which mock did you get? (I find one tends to be 100% more accurate than the other) Examcraft or DEB?

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      DEB what do u think of it

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      I foundit really easy so I am worried jc will be harder

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      I find that Examcraft are good at predicting.

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      wait I am not really sure which company it was before I think I am totally screwed

      did u get?

      q1. the earths surface

      q2. the restless atmosphere

      q3. economic activities

      q4. geographical mix

      q5. ordnance map??????????????????????

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      Yes I did get exactly them

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      How do I know which one is it?

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      The barcode is in the top right corner - Examcraft

      The barcode is in the top left corner - DEB

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      I have the exact same one as carolina.. Is that the better one?

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      Oh then its DEB

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      Which one do you have? ^ ('Cause both could have the same long question topics)

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      Oh dammit

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      I guess for Geography, they're both good predictors (in Maths... they were quite different in some questions to each other - Yes my teacher gave us another mock one day and it was the DEB Maths 2016 mock).

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      I got the DEB for maths but it was pretty hard

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      Oh ino it was hard!!! Some of the questions were ridiculous like the Pluto one. How the hell would you get the diameter without a radius given?

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      The HL maths DEB was impossible about half of my class failed it after all of us got above C's in the pre mock

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      My teacher showed us the marking scheme for the Pluto question, didn't understand it at all

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      I got 57% in it (paper 1 only though). With Examcraft (both papers), I got 49% (Paper 2 was rock hard... paper 1 was fine)

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      Ya it was hard but I got a B though

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      You see I'm looking though my less stress more success book now and honestly I know how to do most of this but when I'm in the exam I don't have a clue? I got a C in the mock which wasn't awful

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      yes evry1 was very disappointed with the DEB maths paper who wanted to walk out of the exam when the ccupcakes questions was like 2 pages like OH HELL NOOO OOO

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      The cupcakes question started okay but halfway on the 2nd page... omg... I'm dead trying to think

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