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    Ordnance Survey Map orlaith.c

    How do you measure the length of a railway line in km on an ordnance survey map? Thanks.

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      Do you not mean Distance?

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      yeah sorry.

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      Have a line (make sure it's a narrow straight line) of white paper and then mark each bend as you go up the paper and change the position of the paper at each curve. At the end, place the paper on the scale below the OS Map Legend and boom you have your distance!

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      Thanks :)

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      Make sure to bring this strip of paper into your exam in case a Distance question comes up. You will not be given a strip of paper.

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      How possible is it for a distance question to come

      Up? I haven't seen one on a paper!!

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      Elisha it is very rare. It last came up in a 2005 long question.

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      Well it came up this year!!!!

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