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Population Change
edassery Junior Cert Geography — 06/06/16 2

Hi! Can someone help in answering 2008 Section 2 Q4 C (population change).....Thx:)

cmck134 — 06/06/16
(i) Demographic Transition Model (ii) Stage 1 (iii) Stage 3 (sometimes accept stage 2) (v)Stage 1.This is only very summarised but, death rate fluctuates due to many diseases and poor healthcare. famine disease and natural disasters caused these high death rates to fluctuate. Stage 1 is typical of Medieval europe Stage 2. countries begin to develop their economies providng more clean water and better healthcare. This causes the death rate to decline as less people are dying from diseases. Example mali Stage 3. Economic development is more advanced and people are more educated so parents begin to plan their family sizes. they have fewer children because they survive thanks to the improved health services .Example Brazil. Hope This helps!
edassery — 06/06/16
Thank you so much!:) It really helped.
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