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    Rocks revision comet7852

    My geography teacher is giving us a revision test on rocks tomorrow

    But she writes her own tests that just confuse me when I compare them to the exam papers

    Any help studying?

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      just learn formation uses location colour and texture of each rock

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      plus learn disadvantage of a quarry being built near you home

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      The key here is, learn your textbook well. If your teacher does not use the past papers in her tests, she will most likely be taking them out of the textbook ye are using. Read your chapter at least 3 times. become familiar with it. Then learn one rock type from every group very well.


      Sedimentary Rocks -> Limestone

      Metamorphic Rocks -> Marble

      Igneous Rocks -> Granite.

      Learn about the uses of these rocks, their formation etc.

      Also learn about the disadvantages of a quarry being built near your home. Use the landslide that happened at the colliery in Wales a few years back that destroyed a school and killed 144 people.

      You may want to give weathering and mass movement a quick glance, often questions on rocks intersect with these chapters, so no harm in being familiar with them

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      Check out my powerpoint of Rocks in the resources of that section on this

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      the book new geo is the best geo book ever it shows everything on rocks

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