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    sample answers for case studies aoife098

    i need help with long case study questions for example a heavy industry or 3rd world country etc Mali , thanks if you can help me :)

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      Mali suffers from frequent droughts. When a drought occurs, the already sparse scrub is quickly stripped bare by grazing animals. People cut the already scarce timber for firewood. Long periods of drought, overgrazing and cutting of firewood lead to desertification in the Sahel. Mali is a landlocked country and therefore, it is very hard for it to gain resources from rich countries such as in Europe because it is not surrounded by water, which landlocked means!

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      thanks would any revision books have sample case study answers ?

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      what one should i get the revise wise or the less stress more success

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      It doesn't make a difference tbh, both are the same for Geography and no difference really. I randomly chose Revisewise

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      revisewise theyre much shorter and better

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