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    Sketch map help! comet7852

    I can never do sketch maps. I always get very low marks. My text book doesn't help

    Any tips?

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      Get shortcuts to success - geography its brilliant! I used to struggle but if you read it from start to finish it goes through aerial sketch and all the map stuff. It's not too late either I only got the book this time last year as well.

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      Things to remember when doing sketch maps

      - Always have a title (if you do not have a title, there's some easy marks gone)

      - Always include any coastline (if there is one, always sketch it, never leave it even if it does not tell you to put it on the sketch map)

      - Label all your sketch map features (easy marks gone if not)

      - Colour your features nicely (you don't have to, but it's nice to)

      Did you forget any of these things?

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      Also put in a key, scale and a north facing arrow.

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      I never have any of that stuff on mine Rachel1. I always get full marks on sketch maps and I never have them?

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      Thank for the tips

      I've started doing these and are getting 9-10 marks now *w*

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