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    Soil profile formation? marianna.eric.3

    Does anyone have an answer for how a soil profile is formed? (2013-Section 2-Q3a)


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      Q3. i. describe and explain the soil profile shown above.

      A horizon: This layer is the upper layer and is called the topsoil. this is where most of the organisms live. it is very dark in colour because of the high humus content. it the most fertile part of the soil.

      B horizon: this layer is also called the subsoil. it is lighter in colour than the a horizon because it has less humus content. it is also nearer to the bedrock so has more stone. it is also protected from weathering and eroding by the a horizon.

      C horizon: this is the bedrock or the parent material. the upper section contains rock particles and the lower section contains solid rock.

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      Thank you so much!😊

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