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    so the geo exam lasts two hours. how long should I spend on the short questions and how long should I spend on each long question? will I have time to complete a fourth long question ?

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      spend an hour on all the higher mark questions 30 minutes on short questions 15 minutes on any bonus/extra question and 10 mins look over leaving you with 5 min rest time or look over again

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      ok thanks so much :)

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      30 minutes on short questions and 30 minutes on EACH long question you do (thus a total of 90 minutes for the long questions)

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      thank you. would I have time to do an extra q?

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      i dont know what question to do on the sea

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      You might Sarah, it really depends on your speed of writing (not for me since I'll be allowed use a word processor i.e. a computer)

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      oh right thanks Sryan

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      I'd say the short questions wouldn't take 30 mins though. Allocate 30 mins and if you get them done in less, then you might have more time to perfect the long questions/Do an extra long Q

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      cool is there any point in shortening the time spent on the 3 longs q's to make sure I have time to do an extra one. when I do the long questions in class it takes me a full 40 minutes or longer for each q

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